"An awesome switch conveyor that accepts ore from the side and then sends it either left or right depending on the setting."


The Reversible Conveyor is a premium Tier Conveyor that can have it's direction customized by the setting of a button. This conveyor is useful for loops or in a setup involving a Lightningbolt Refiner or Eternal Journey. It can be purchased in the uC tab of the shop. Before this item was released players didn't have an easy time controlling the ores and conveyors in their setup.

As of the update on 03/31/2017, the Reversible Conveyor's name was corrected, and a small wall behind the panel was raised, disallowing ores from falling off from that side. The addition of only the player being allowed to use this item has also been added.


  • The Reversible Conveyor is the item that replaced the Conveyor Splitter.
  • Anyone can click the button on reversible conveyor which is why protection including zombies and or a wall would be recommended.
  • Before the item was released, there was an another image for it but another was made with a different rotation as it appeared Berezaa didn't really like the original one.

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