"Blow your enemies to bits with this terrifying rocket launcher!"


The Rocket Launcher is an exotic-tier weapon giver that gives rocket launchers. Only obtainable from the Ice Cream Man. It was first seen on 06/12/2017, during Miner's Haven's second anniversary.

The Rocket Launchers shoot rockets with a small radius that deal roughly 20 to 25 damage, with a small amount of knockback. It can also self-damage the player if they shoot the rocket too close to their position.

If the player misses their rocket and inevitably flies into the distance, the player will not be able to shoot the same rocket launcher for an extended period of time until the rocket either despawns or hits something.

Berezaa will tweak the rocket launcher on 06/13/2017 to add rocket jumping and buffing it as well.


  • This is the first and only obtainable item sold by a merchant for robux.
  • The rockets are really sensitive, and will explode with even non-CanCollide parts (item hitboxes, map parts).
  • A rocket launcher can be obtained for one life by putting in the code "KaBOOOOM".

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