"Blow your enemies to bits with this terrifying rocket launcher!"


The Rocket Launcher is an Exotic-tier weapon giver that gives rocket launchers. It is obtainable from the Masked Man. Also with the code "KaBOOOOM" but only for one life. It was first seen on 06/12/2017, during Miner's Haven's second anniversary.

The Rocket Launchers shoot rockets with a small radius that deals 100 damage, with a medium amount of knockback. It can also damage the player if they shoot the rocket too close to their position.

If the player misses their rocket and flies into the distance, the player can click the fire button again to detonate that rocket.

Berezaa said he would tweak the rocket launcher on 06/13/2017 to add rocket jumping and buffing it as well. The buff came three months and six days later in the Resurrection Update.


  • This is the first item sold by a merchant for Robux other than Inferno Boxes and Lucky Clovers, the other being the Nebula System.
  • The rockets are really sensitive, and will explode with even non-CanCollide parts (item hitboxes, map parts).
  • This can be used to get ore un-stuck, as the explosion will fling the ore away and it not hurt the player.
  • On Menu Refresh Update, the rocket launcher was buffed to do 100 damage instead of 20-25. It now takes one rocket to kill a player whose health isn't boosted. For the user to kill themselves, it takes two rockets.