"The glare of the red ruby is perfect for the base of the reaaaly rich!"


The Ruby Wall is a Refined-tier wall that is a ruby colored reskin of common walls. It serves no purpose other than keeping players outside of a player's base.


  • It is part of a set of three walls made out of crystals, which also includes the Diamond Wall and Gold Wall.
  • You can use walls such as this one to protect a Big Bad Blaster, a Dragon Blaster, and the Dragonglass Blaster from harming you or anyone else, while at the same time, lessening the chance of ores getting thrown out of the conveyor.
  • The description has a mistake, spelling "reaaaly" instead of "reaaally".
  • This is currently one of the only ruby items in Miner's Haven, the other being the Industrial Ruby Mine.

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