The stuff ROBLOX would ban your ROBLOX account for is not allowed here either

Wikia Rules

  1. Users are not permitted to removed large chuncks of the page without proper justification (mods and admins make the call of what is proper justification).
  2. No curse words or phrases, or words or phrases that may offend people or groups or  words or phrases refer to non age appropriate content.
    1. Those words or phrases cannot be replaced with other characters (including but not limited to #, or *). ROBLOX may do this automatically but not wikia, and it does not jusitfy the use of the cursr word.
    2. (we don't want our content to have any significantly negative mental impact for the average american 8-10 year old that would read our wikia)
  3. Users cannot edit other users messages, comments, or forum posts without the author's permission or for illegitamite reasons (to be determined by mods or admins).
  4. Users are not allowed to do actions on this wikia just for the sake of earning badges.
  5. Spamming, profanity, any form of bullying, harassment, slander, and blackmail are not tolerated in any parts of this wikia.
  6. Do not go off-topic or talk about other games unless it has a connection with Miner's Haven. (2PGFT, Azure Mines and War Games are permitted)
  7. Any offsite links (Excluding YouTube, Roblox, and Twitter) must be approved by an admin. Links must also be approved as virus free by VirusTotal (
  8. If an admin disapproves an idea for this wikia then talk to a different admin, if they both disapprove it then it is recommended to not do so.
  9. Admins and moderators cannot block or punish users without a legitimate reason and proof of what they did (feel free to view history of pages, forum posts, and talks). They should also specify how they broke the rules.
  10. No users can highlight forum posts relating to irrelevant topics or ideas. Highlighting forum posts make it so that users get messages about your post.
  11. Using custom page formatting shouldn't be used on the wikia unless done so by a user with a special rank (any moderator rank or administrator rank). One example of untolerated formatting includes but not limited to the follow: something similar to <div style="font-size:24pt;">Overview</div>. Instead of using custom page formating like this use default wikia styling, in this case use == Overview == (the code for the wikia heading format)
  12. Do not post "First" comments.

Consequence System

Given to a user based on how severe the action was, these are the consequences for users not abiding with the rules.

  • Minor rulebreaks will be assigned a warning. (This step is skipped for anonymous users because anons are a lot less likely to read warnings compared to registrered users)
  • 1 Week ban
  • 2 Week ban
  • 1 Month ban
  • 6 Month ban
  • 1 Year ban
  • Infinite ban

Feel free to explore the Special:BlockList page to see users that have been banned in the past and why.

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