"A curved upgrader that can only upgrade ores once. The faster ore pass through it, the more it adds them."


The Rush Upgrader is an upgrader that was added in the Ultimate Update. Updated numerous times, it now simply adds value to ore instead of multiplying it. The Rush ugprader adds $1 to all ores that pass, then, depending on how much ore went through before a certain time, the upgrader adds $500 times the amount of ore that traveled through it (including itself) in period of time.

For example, 56 ore traveled through before that time period ended. The 56th ore that goes through the upgrader will increase by $500 * 56 + 1 for a total of $28,001.


  • Before the Resurrection Update, this item had a multiplier ranging from x0.5 to x35 depending on how many ores pass through in a second.