"A curved upgrader that can only upgrade ores once. The faster ore pass through it, the more it upgrades them."


The Rush Upgrader is an upgrader that was added in the Ultimate Update with a unique ability: it upgrades ore based on the amount of ore passing through in a second. The more ore pass through in a second, the higher the multiplier. Multipliers start at 1.5x, then go up by 0.5x for each ore that goes through the upgrader within the same second; the multiplier decreases after 1 second has passed since the first ore has touched the upgrade beam.

The Rush Upgrader can be compared to Excalibur where the more ores that go through it, the more power it gets, making the Rush Upgrader an extremely powerful item when the user has access to the right resources, especially mines like the Breech Loader or the Wubium Mine.


  • If paired with a Wubium Mine, multipliers can range from 21x to 30x.
  • Before the Resurrection Update, this item had a multiplier ranging from x0.5 to x35 depending on how many ores pass through in a second.

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