"An underworldly cell furnace that grants unspeakable bonuses to any ore that gets dropped in." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"An underworldly cell furnace that processes ores at 50,000,000x their auctual value. Accepts ores only directly from mines." (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Sacrificial Cell is a Unique-tier cell furnace. Placing lots of these in combination with Painite Mines used to be a popular way to reach the quadrillions. However, the nerf of the 100M event now renders this ineffective.

This is part of the three item trio that follows an underworld theme, the other two being the Sacrificial Altar and the Cursed Ore Purifier.


  • This item used to judge whether to process an ore or not by how long the ore has existed. Players would use this with a Cursed Ore Purifier, Spitfire Iron Mine, and an Ore Cannon to make this furnace process upgraded ore.
  • In the game description, actual is misspelled as auctual. The same error applies for several other items such as Ninja Diamond Mine, Cell Furnace and Party Boombox.
  • In the 100 Million Visits Event, the multiplier was changed from 50M to 50K.