"Few things in this world are as tranquil as a sakura garden. Accepts pure ore with an absurdly high multiplier."


The Sakura Garden is a Reborn-tier furnace that was added on April 9th, 2017.

It is a fairly rare Reborn-tier item which multiplies ore value by x300, but this only applies to ores that are not on fire. Ores with effects other than fire are processed normally, contrary to what the description states. Ores that are on fire and are fire-proof decrease the item's multiplier by x25. This has no cap, meaning it can become negative, and the player will need to replace their Sakura Garden to regain the powerful x300 multiplier. The ability to decrease the multiplier with ores on fire and fire-proof ores was added in the Easter Update on 04/15/2017, where as before, ores would simply not be processed.

Despite its drawback, the furnace is still much more reliable than other furnaces with such power. When using this furnace, it is best to stay away from upgraders that cause ores to combust. However, if one really wishes to use such upgraders, then they should also use upgraders which put out special effects (specifically fire and fire-proof) from ores they should use Tesla Resetter, Azure Spore, The Ultimate Sacrifice, or Wild Spore, so that ores are able to be processed.

On part 2 of the Summer Update, the life required to obtain a Sakura Garden was pulled back to life 250+ (previously life 100+).


  • It is the second Sakura-themed item in the game, the first being Cherry Blossom.
  • The term 'Sakura' is Japanese for Cherry Blossom.
  • This item trumps the Eternal Journey and Nature's Enchantment due to its x300 multiplier. The Northern Lights has a higher multiplier but it needs to be used alongside sparkling coal which is tedious to obtain.
  • This item has the second best RP to ore ratio, only beaten by the Thingamajig.
  • Like other items, Berezaa needed help naming the item, he needed a word to come after 'Sakura'.
  • There is an egg located inside the rock from where the waterfall begins.

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