"Imagine Santa is an ore. You wouldn't want a ton of Santa's in one chimney. Also, somewhat upgraded Santas are treated differently then... this analogy is falling apart. 2016 Holiday Exotic." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"A cell furnace that emulates the experience the joy of Santa bringing Christmas joy to your house. 2016 Holiday Exotic" (OLD DESCRIPTION)
"The shape reveals exactly what's in this gift. Opens on Christmas Day." (GIFT DESCRIPTION)


The Santa's Chimney is a 2016 Christmas Exotic item.

If the ore has less than $10k value or more than 1 upgrade, the ore is multiplied by x50k. Afterwards, a 10 second debounce is applied in which ores cannot be input until the 10 second debounce is up. If the ore has no upgrades, it's value is simply multiplied by x5B and the debounce is instead 5 seconds instead of 10.


  • The item placement is somewhat off, therefore only one side can be used effectively unless the mine is long enough, for example the Symmetrium Mine.
  • Ores that are processed by the furnace will turn blue before vanishing. when it turns blue, it does not get processed in the furnace.
  • Some people say the x50k multiplier is currently broken and can only use with un-upgraded ore.