"Santa deemed that 2015 was a swell year for people around you. Santa rewarded your good behavior by gifting you his Sleigh, which doubles the value of ores once with no restrictions."


The Santa's Sleigh is an Exotic-tier upgrader. This upgrader was originally found in Mystery Boxes from December 25th to 30th 2015, and Headless Santa sold Santa's Sleigh for 250uC-1.2kuC.


  • There is a glitch where it has a very small chance to move ore that was upgraded by the Schrodinger Evaluator to a random spot on the map.
  • This is one of many upgraders (examples include Industrial Ore Welder, Suspended Lava Refiner, Chemical Refiner, and the Hopeless Bog), that has a conveyor that is made out of a different material. In this case, the material is fabric. The Industrial Ore Welder has a wood conveyor, the Suspended Lava Refiner has a slate conveyor, the Chemical Refiner has a diamond plate conveyor, and the Hopeless Bog has a grass conveyor.