"Santa's workshop doesn't produce ore, it produces gifts! Some gifts freeze and turn into temporary upgraders! 2015 Holiday Event item."
"You must've been high up on Santa's Nice List if you got this." (PROPOSED BY OUTOFORDERFOXY BEFORE RELEASE)


The Santa's Workshop is an Exotic-tier dropper. It was released on December 4th 2015. It was originally found in mystery boxes, but on December 25th, Headless Santa began selling Santa's Workshop, and on December 31st, Jak'uhfdor began selling them. Like several droppers on its level, the Santa's Workshop does not work on cell furnaces.

Apparently, this dropper does not drop ores, only presents containing ore. Only white presents become temporary upgraders. They are much rarer than their red and green counterparts and all presents can be destroyed by an Ore Pulsar/Quasar. The ores that become upgraders upgrade other ores (or presents) by 20% and can be upgraded by other present upgraders indefinitely. (These presents look like grey fabric bricks, partially transparent.)


  • This is the first item in Miner's Haven to be made with CSG.
  • The yellow ball on top of the chimney is not anchored and can roll off. Unlike the leaves on a Dreamer's Fright, it isn't accepted by furnaces.
  • The Santa's Workshop is one of 8 mines that doesn't have the word "Mine" beside it (excluding excavators). The other 7 are the Breech Loader, 'Ol Faithful, Spookmaster-5000, Spooklord-95,000, Hades' Fang, Autumn Breeze, and the Diamond Breech Loader.

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