"The persistant scorpium mine produces greater value ores the longer it is placed down."


The Scorpium Mine is a Reborn-tier item released on July 4th of 2016. The Scorpium Mine was designed to resemble a scorpion which is where its name comes from. It is a life 20+ reborn item and the value of the ores are gradually increased based on the amount of time the mine has been placed. Like other droppers on its level, Scorpium mine does not work on cell furnaces. The ore's value is equal to SecondsOnBase1.2 * $1M. When it was first released, its value of its ore begins at $0 immediately after the placement of the mine. The maximum ore value was recently buffed, and is currently capable of reaching $69.2B.

On the Easter Update on 04/15/2017, the Scorpium Mines stats were tweaked:

  • Max ore value cap is reached at 3 hours and 30 minutes (previously 3 hours). This means a higher max ore value.
  • When max cap reached, will dispense ores 40% faster (1 ore/0.6 sec)


  • Before the buff, it would take around 196,364 ores for the ore value to max at $69.2B.
  • After the buff, it takes 19,459 ores to reach its max ore value, which is $69.2B.
  • Before the buff, some people had considered this item to be worse than the Massive Diamond Mine due to how long it takes to reach its cap.
  • The Scorpium Mine has to be on a player's base for three and a half hours in order to reach its maximum orevalue.
  • The Scorpium Mine is the 5th dropper to have a unique effect (disregarding fusions). Other examples include the 'Ol Faithful, Symmetrium Mine, Spooklord-95,000, and the Boomite Mine.
  • In the item description, persistent is misspelled as persistant.