"Give your ore as offerings to the gods and you will be rewarded. Rewarded with 15x the ores' value, that is. Gives 7 points for every 75 ore."


The Shrine of Penitence is an Epic-tier furnace. It is commonly used in early life end-game setups due to it commonly being the most powerful furnace a user can have access to right before the 1st Rebirth.


  • The word "penitence" means remorse, which is ironic considering the furnace. A shrine is a sacred place dedicated to a specific deity, so, Shrine Of Penitence means "Sacred Place of Worship of Sadness".
  • This item has had its Tier changed the most. First, its tier was Almighty, then it was changed to Divine, and now it is an Epic tier item.
  • At one point, the pillars of the Shrine appeared to float. As of now, only the back pillar floats a little bit.

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