"Sometimes you need to set back and admire your work. This bench allows you to do just that."


The Small Bench is an Uncommon-tier decoration with two seats for you and a friend to sit on. The in-game thumbnail for the photo also shows a Potted tree and a Giant Rock, two other decorations that can be bought. They are not included with the Small Bench, however.


  • There is a glitch where you can sit on this item, and ROBLOX will not kick you for idling.
  • The Small Bench is one of two items in the game you 'sit down' on, with the other being the Iron Turret Wall. The Vintage variant of the Iron Turret Wall, The Second Amendment, was removed and replaced with the Thingamajig.
  • Zwambies and Undead Guardians can become stuck when sitting on this bench.

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