"An antique split-personality furnace that looks and acts differently during the night and day."


The Solar Flare is a Reborn-tier furnace that requires life 10+ for players to acquire. What sets it apart from the other furnaces is that it has different effects during day and night.

The Solar Flare processes ore by 25x their value during the day and by 0-50x times during the night.

Before the 2017 Easter Event, if multiplied orevalue by 20x during the day, and 0-40x during the night with no exponential boost. When the Easter Event began, players using the Solar Flare had their money broken making their data corrupt due to adding an exponential boost. Within days, Berezaa adressed the issue by releasing a data restoration place (Berezaa's save script keeps permanent versions of the player's data) and fixed the Solar Flare.


  • The way it functions at night gives it a connection to how the Dreamer's Fright randomly multiplies orevalue.
  • This is one of two items that behaves differently at night, the other item is Lunar Refiner.
  • This furnace may multiply ore by x0, thus processing ores at $0. This could happen during nighttime, and this is not usually recommended for endgame setups when it is nighttime.
  • Due to the Easter Update, this is the first regular furnace to process ores at an exponential rate of 1.011. Due to people losing their save files, this furnace no longer does that.
  • There was a bug with this furnace as of 4/15/2017, that if you use it at night time you have the chance of making your money indefinite, which results in the total restart of your progress. This likely occurs from the furnace trying to apply the exponent to an ore with a negative value, resulting in an indefinite number. This seems to have been fixed with the removal of the exponent.
  • Creator's Note - I am very proud of the glitch haha.