"This item has been retired" (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)
"An upgraded Large Upgrader that has a higher limit and moves ore faster." (OLD DESCRIPTION)
"An upgrader that functions exactly like the Large Ore Upgrader but harness sunlight to move ore through 3x faster." (ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION)


The Solar Large Upgrader is a Unique-tier upgrader. It works exactly like the Large Ore Upgrader but has 2 solar panels attached to the sides that triple the conveyor speed during the day. The solar panels allow it to go 150% faster than the regular conveyor speed.

The Solar Large Upgrader previously had an effectcap of $5k.


  • This bears an extremely similar design to a Large Ore Upgrader with a Solar Conveyor.
  • The price was decreased from $24M to $200k in the Ultimate Update.
  • Even though it has two added solar panels on each side, the hitbox is the same size as the hitbox of the Large Ore Upgrader.
  • Even though this is "solar", It still works during night.
  • This item was removed from the shop during the Resurrection Update, and was changed to a Unique-tier item.

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