"A platform which you will be dropped down onto when you respawn. Placing more than one will select a beacon at random each time."


The Spawn Beacon is an item that allows the player to set their spawn. By placing one of these beacons, the player will spawn at that beacon every time they respawn. By placing more than one beacon, they will spawn at one of the beacons at random. This can join forces with a Forcefield Generator to provide a forcefield upon spawn. The Spawn Beacon may only be placed on the player's base.


  • Before the Resurrection Update, this item was oddly located in the furnace section of the Shop which confused players when browsing for it.
    • On the 8/23/2017 stream, this item was seen on the Decorations tab, implying that it would be moved there when the Late September update was released. Currently, this item is located in the Decorations tab.
  • As of 2/20/17, the new spawn camera does not actually zoom in on the Spawn Beacon, despite the player still spawning on it.

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