"An Iron Mine from a parallel universe where people are addicted to strange spinny things."


The Spinnerite Mine is a Premium-tier joke mine added on 06/07/2017 on the so-called Fidget Spinner Update, which only included the Spinnerite Mine and a fidget spinner item, available upon joining the game. The only special property the Spinnerite Mine had is that its ores are shaped like fidget spinners.

The Spinnerite Mine can currently be obtained from mystery boxes and the shop for 45uC. Initially, it was obtained from a Daily Gift.


  • This mine was based off of the fidget spinner craze in early 2017.
  • The ore's shape can be changed with upgrades including The Ultimate Sacrifice and Hades' Fang.
  • This is the second item to be a daily gift exclusive, the first being the Birthday Upgrader.
  • This mine is compatible with the Steel Refinery from the innovation event as it says in the description, "An Iron Mine from a parallel universe..."
  • This is the third mine in the game to drop ores that aren't cubes, the first being the Noobite Mine, and the second being the Wubium Mine.
  • This was the third sacrifice-proof and reborn-proof common-tier item ever added to Miner's Haven before the tier was changed. The others are the Yuge Iron Mine and the Yuge Furnace (SHOP DECORATIONS DO NOT COUNT).
  • The Hades' Fang will eat the Fidget Spinner but will be more white.
  • On the first few days this item existed, the ore value was $10 and the tier was Common.
  • If upgraded by a Satellite Beam, the Fidget Spinner will reflect the sky's color.
  • The ores are flat enough to pass through a Portable Flamethrower without being upgraded.