"Advances in micro-technology allow for a mine that spits out 6 $2 iron ore every two seconds."


The Spitfire Iron Mine is a Premium-tier Mine that has 6 spouts, the second-most in the whole game, the first being the Remote Octagnium Mine. This allows it to drop 6 iron ores every 2 seconds. The Spitfire Iron Mine is one of four droppers in Miner's Haven that can drop multiple ores in one instance.

The other four droppers are Triple Coal Mine, Crucible Iron Mine, Copper Mine and Radium Mine. Spitfire Iron Mine is the second tallest non-massive dropper in Miner's Haven, after the Newtonium Mine.


  • It can be used in Research Centers because of its high drop rate (be warned, this may cause lag.) However, the ore it drops is only worth $2.
  • The entire RP shop was removed on March 31st, 2016 and on the same day, the Spitfire Iron Mine was moved to the uC shop.
  • This mine is often used with Excalibur in end game setups as it can be made into large amounts of money per ore.
  • Since the release of the Overlord Device, Spitfire Iron Mines have been used with the Excalibur in DD setups.
  • This is the only mine that can fire 6 ore at a time.
  • Spitfire Iron Mine is also used in Blind Justice setups where the ore gets upgraded by a Gate of Eclipse and sometimes a Wild Spore.
  • The Spitfire Iron Mine is one of the 6 Multi-Spout Droppers, the other 5 being the Boomite Mine, Crucible Iron Mine, Triple Coal Mine, Remote Octagnium Mine, and the Spooky Coal Mine.
  • The Spitfire Iron Mine is sometimes nicknamed the "Toothbrush Mine" due to its appearance.