"The culmination of the most evil mines in history. No one will ever understand the mysteries of this device. Obtained during the 2016 Spooky Event."


Spooklord-95,000 is an Exotic tier item that's designed to be a better version of Spookmaster-5000. It was available during the 2016 Spooky Update and has a lower droprate but higher orevalue compared to Spookmaster-5000. It spawns ghosts around the dropper which can upgrade ores 3x only once. Big red ores can randomly spawn around the dropper but would require many conveyors to catch and use.


  • Before it's release it was called the "Spookmaster-95000"
  • Berezaa said it was supposed to be weaker than the Spookmaster-5000 but ended up stronger.
  • Neither big or small ores can be processed in a cell furnace.
  • Spooklord-95,000, Autumn Breeze, and Santa's Workshop are the only droppers capable of producing temporary upgraders.
  • The SpookLord-95,000 is one of the 9 mines that doesn't have a "Mine" in its name.
  • This is one of four mines that can drop ores randomly, the other three being the Yunium Mine, Orbital Antimatter Uplink, and Boomite Mine.
  • The ore value will be $500M per life for small ores. Sacrificing will have a big impact on the ore value, making it more powerful for life 2000+ or life s-1000+ players.
  • This has a cap of $1.30 trillion, making it the third best mine in terms of ore value if you reach the cap. The second best is the Remote Octagnium Mine, while the first is the Diamond Breech Loader.

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