"The culmination of the most evil mines in history. No one will ever understand the mysteries of this device. Obtained during the 2016 Spooky Event."


The Spooklord-95,000 is an Exotic tier item that's designed to be a better version of Spookmaster-5000. It was available during the 2016 Spooky Update and has a lower droprate but higher orevalue compared to Spookmaster-5000. It spawns ghosts around the dropper which can upgrade ores 3x only once. Big red ores can randomly spawn around the dropper but would require many conveyors to catch and use.


  • Before it's release it was called the "Spookmaster-95000"
  • Berezaa said it was supposed to be weaker than the Spookmaster-5000 but ended up stronger.
  • Neither big or small ores can be processed in a cell furnace.
  • Spooklord-95,000, Autumn Breeze, and Santa's Workshop are the only droppers capable of producing temporary upgraders.
  • The SpookLord-95,000 is one of the 9 mines that doesn't have a "Mine" in its name.
  • This is one of three mines that can drop ores randomly, the other three being the Yunium Mine and the Orbital Antimatter Uplink.