"An ancient mine quite literally haunted by the ghosts of the people it's killed. No one has ever seen this mine's ore and lived to tell the tale."


The Spookmaster-5000 is a 2015 Halloween Exotic-tier mine. At the time, it was considered the best with its ore value being better than the Newtonium Mine.


  • The Spookmaster-5000 is the 4th fastest dropper with Atomium Mine being the 5th fastest dropper and the Breech Loader being 3rd. The Diamond Breech Loader is 2nd. Its drop rate is trumped by the Wubium Mine.
  • Since the ores are very translucent, it can be very difficult to locate where the ores are at without an Ore Tracker.
  • The ore becomes more opaque as it gets upgraded more.
  • The Spookmaster-5000 is one of the 8 mines that don't have the word "mine" in the name. The other 7 are Breech Loader, Santa's Workshop, 'Ol Faithful, Autumn Breeze, Hades' Fang, Diamond Breech Loader, and SpookLord-95,000.
  • This mine is one of the few items that have variants. The other items are the Dreamer's items and the Overlord devices.
  • The Spookmaster-5000 was trumped a year after release by the SpookLord-95,000, which was released to the public in Part 2 of the 2016 Spooky Update.
  • The Spookmaster-5000 is based off of the Basic Iron Mine, as in the thumbnail players can see a translucent version of it inside the mine, although it is still able to fit over cell furnaces such as the Nature's Grip

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