"A silly pumpkin turned herself into an upgrader! Relic of the 2016 Halloween Event!"


The Spooktastic Refiner is a Collectible-tier item sold by the Headless Horseman during the 2016 Halloween Event. It increases orevalue by 75% if the ore's value is under $5M. It's not worth buying due to the fact it's easy to pass millions with an item like the Digital Ore Cleaner. The Spooktastic Refiner is not that much more powerful than the Way-Up-High Upgrader.


  • The hitbox was actually bugged, similar to the Alien Relic during the first few days after its release, where its conveyor was not aligned with other upgraders or conveyors. However, this was fixed in Part 3 of the Spooky Update, as the item itself was shrunken in order to align itself with the standard conveyer size.
  • It is the second upgrader in Miner's Haven where the upgrader part has a special appearance (in this case, the pumpkin face), the first being the Ore Tixicator.
  • Unlike other conveyors/upgraders, this upgrader's conveyor uses the grass material.