"A triple coal mine haunted by the spirits of murdered pumpkins. A relic of the 2015 Halloween Event."


The Spooky Coal Mine was a Halloween remake of the Triple Coal Mine that was available during the 2015 Spooky Update. The Spooky Coal Mine has a different appearance as seen in the image. The Spooky Coal Mine makes a light that is neither very bright nor very dim. When first released, it was only useful with industrial droppers and therefore wasn't widely used.

On April 24th, 2016, Berezaa released the Industrial Ore Welder making a bit useful for low and high life players with long setups. On November 13th 2016 Berezaa released the Northern Lights, a furnace the requires the power of sparkling coal. This makes players use coal ore with Schrodingers (or another Schrodinger variant) making coal mines much more useful.