"A spooky center that processes ore at x3 value, granting 10 points every 30 ore. Requires ore worth at least $50k."


The Spooky Research Center is a Collectible-tier research center, and is the second most powerful one of its kind in Miner's Haven. It triples ore's values and gives you 10 RP every 30 ores and the value of ores has to be $50k+.

When this research center was released, it gave out the most points out until April 21st, 2016 when the Eternal Journey and the Thingamajig was released which made the Spooky Research Center fall into 3rd place. Now since the the

09/26/2016 update, Fusion Reactor has trumped the Research Center, as It gives 40 RP every 100 Ores ( as opposed to the 10 PP every 30 Ores, which in turn would give 100 PP every 300 ores, while the Fusion Reactor would give 120 PP every 300 ores ) , has a better better multiplier, and doesn't have a ore cash requirement.

This item was released on October 17th, 2015 as part 2 of the Spooky Update. The Headless Horseman was selling them anywhere between $495Ud-$3DD (This was before it was possible to reach beyond DD). There were limited amounts of these being sold and it would be refilled every few hours.


  • Even while being a rare collectible, the vintage Thingamajig is better for farming RP than this research center.
  • This was the best dedicated research center, until the release of the Fusion Reactor , but is still one of the worst furnaces.