"A powerful machine used to collect Steel from Iron Ore. Click the button on the side to release Steel."


The Steel Refinery is an upgrader sold by the Innovator. It collects iron ore and turns it into steel. If the button on the side is pressed while the number displayed next to it is 0, no steel will be returned. If the value displayed is above 0, it will return steel to the user.

The steel is used to complete an objective set by the Innovator himself, which is to produce and collect 50 steel. Upon completion, the user must go back to the Innovator, and they will receive a badge, and the Steel Refinery is turned into a powerful upgrader which can be used for standard setups.

The Steel Refinery can then be used as a step-up from the early game. It is then used as an ore converter, turning iron ore into steel ore, each worth $500, no matter what iron mine is used or how much their ore is worth. After the player completes gaining 50 steel pieces and claims the badge from the Innovator, they are rewarded an Inferno Box.