"Light up the night with an awesome strawberry birthday cake! MH 2nd Birthday Exotic."


The Strawberry Cake is an Exotic-tier upgrader released on Miner's Haven's second anniversary on 06/12/2017.

The Strawberry Cake is essentially a birthday-themed Overlord Device (x10 ore value) with a cosmetic change - it turns ore pink.


  • There is a very small part in the conveyor sticking out, preventing ores from ever moving from it. Berezaa fixed this problem and a couple other items in the April 2nd, 2018 stream for the upcoming update.
  • Due to the small upgrader opening, this isn't good for large ores, like from the Tiny Iron Mine. However, Diamond Breech Loader ores will go through without a problem as they are small enough.
  • This item used to duplicate ores along with the x10 multiplier(?), resulting in this being a Overlord Device and Ore Replicator combined.
  • Even though this is a birthday-themed Overlord Device, this item stacks with the True Overlord Device and can be upgraded by the regular Overlord Device.
  • This item was a placeholder for exotics of the 3rd Birthday Event. It was available on the "Utopia" Testing Place.