NOTE: This item is given to users who are verified and a member of this group.

"An impressive trophy awarded to those few that had their submissions accepted into Miner's Haven."


The Submitter Trophy is a very rare Exotic-tier decoration awarded to users who have created an item in Miner's Haven and was accepted, along with 5 unreal boxes. It's a marble statue of the Miner's Haven mascot holding a gleaming golden hammer.


  • This is the first Exotic-tier decoration item, the second being the Statue of Sacrifice and the third is Toy Altar
  • The description of the item had a typo, where "trophy" is misspelled as "throphy". This was fixed in the Miner's Haven Resurrection update.
  • As of 12/10/2017, only 66 players have recieved the Submitter Trophy. The first to receive the item was CaptainMario4 (Ol' Faithful and Remote Ambrosia Mine)
  • The Submitter Trophy was not included in boxes during Exotic Day, along with Blood Magic and Golden Clover Blaster.
  • This is the only decorative Exotic to give boxes when the item is awarded.

Messages displayed upon receiving this item.