The nights are getting shorter, and the days are getting hotter. Big changes are coming to Miner’s Haven in two weeks. Powerful new items are arriving. Tensions between miners are growing. The Summer Update is coming!


The 2017 Summer Update is a big Miner's Haven update with Part 1 being released on May 28, 2017. Part 1 brought along with a new summer-themed map and concluded Exotic Day officially while the highlight of this update was the long-anticipated return of PvP, this time with a heavy emphasis on melee and removal of spawn-camping and RP-Stealing. New shop items were shipped in Part 1 along with changes to Decoration items. A Mini-Patch was released on May 30 to fix major issues with Part 1, as well as implementing new features. The Fidget Spinner Patch, a completely separate patch released on June 7, finally fixed the well-known multi-placing and hitbox glitches, which has been exploited by players for a long time. The Second Sacrifice, The Final Upgrader, new Reborn Fusions, even more shop items and more was released in Part 2 on June 10, in the so-called "Second Sacrifice Update".

The update was announced on the week of April 20 by Berezaa on Twitch as the Alien Invasion Update. The idea of Alien Invasion has been possibly scrapped, as said by Berezaa himself, but the concepts surrounding the update is still in consideration. Official changelogs are on, but not everything is listed in detail.

Part 1 Changelog (5/28/2017)



Easter Event 2017

  • Easter Event 2017 has ended
    • Easter Eggs no longer fall from the sky every half hour
    • Easter items (except Easter Wall) made unobtainable

PvP (Player vs. Player)

  • PvP is re-implemented, with a few changes.
    • You are immune to PvP while on your own baseplate, but you can still kill others.
    • RP-stealing is not re-implemented.
    • PvP is disabled at the hangout center at the middle of the map.
  • New weapons: Axe, Venomshank, Banhammer
  • New utility gear: Invisibility Cloak

New Items

Swordmaster Statue

See also: Swordmaster Statue

  • Now obtainable in the uC Shop for 65 uC

Base Guardians

See also: Undead Guardian, Undead Santa, Adowable Guardian, Zombie Clown, Easter Bunny

  • Attack range increased


  • Now fixed for R15 bodies (Animation + Sound)

Shop Decoration Items

  • Can no longer be sold, but destroyed
  • Now stay on your base when you rebirth

uC Shop Items

  • uC Shop Infusers changed from Premium to Refined tier

New Shop Items

Lightningbolt Predicter

See also: Lightningbolt Predicter

  • Thumbnail updated

Clover-Tron 400

  • Renamed to the "go away 400" and had its whole text changed

Mini-Patch Changelog (5/30/2017)

This mini-patch was released to fix major problems related to the 2017 Summer Update and/or other issues, and to also release new features.

Unlimited Undo

  • Undo button now works more than once in placing mode
    • Orange-outlined hitbox will briefly appear on removed item
  • Only on PC at the moment


See also: Oasis

  • First life multiplier increased to x150 (from x100)
  • Lives 2-5 multiplier is now at x100 (from x35)
  • Life 5+ multiplier increased to x50 (from x35)


Weapon Tweaks

  • Darkheart is now re-implemented
  • Illumina walkspeed bug fixed
  • Venomshank now boosts walkspeed
  • Executive Minigun damage buffed

Hotkeys & Chat

  • Hitting a hotkey (e.g., 'F' to undo) while chatting no longer triggers action

Inferno Boxes

  • No longer rigged

Fidget Spinner Patch (06/07/2017)

Main Article: Fidget Spinner Patch

Part 2 Changelog (06/10/2017)



  • Skybox changed, thanks by Yourius
  • New hidden easter eggs (NOT THE EASTER EVENT ONES)
  • Sword Master gamepass was brought back on sale for one minute at R$1200
  • New badge: Hero

The Second Sacrifice

See also: The Second Sacrifice

Mini Infuser

See also: Mini Infuser

  • New vintage-tier item: Mini Infuser
  • Basically the same thing as the Smol Infuser from Miner's Haven 2 Alpha

Rocket Launcher

See also: Rocket Launcher

  • New exotic-tier weapon: Rocket Launcher
  • Only obtainable from the Ice Cream Man

The Grand Prism

See also: The Grand Prism

Easter Wall

See also: Easter Wall

  • Made unobtainable
  • Made sacrifice-proof

New Shop Items

New Reborn Fusions

Main article: Reborn Fusion

Spinnerite Mine

See also: Spinnerite Mine

  • Tier changed from Common to Premium
  • Now available in the uC Shop for 45 uC
  • Buffed orevalue to $500 (from $10)
  • No longer obtainable from daily gifts

Dragonglass Mine

See also: Dragonglass Mine

  • One of the three ores from its bursts now only get accepted by cell furnaces

Sakura Garden

See also: Sakura Garden

  • Life requirement increased to 250 (from 100)

Dreamer's Anguish

See also: Dreamer's Anguish

  • Multiple tier requirements increased

Fool's Gold Mine

See also: Fool's Gold Mine

  • Tier changed from Vintage to Exotic

Carlos & Discord

  • New ranks on the Berezaa Games Discord, including one exclusively for performing the Second Sacrifice

Decoration Items

  • More items marked as "decoration", meaning they say on your base when you rebirth (includes Righteous Will)

Mystery Boxes

See also: Mystery Boxes

  • Inferno Boxes: No longer rigged
  • New special variant of Mystery Box that contains "awesome loot"
Starting with the Skipped Life Update, Berezaa began releasing patch notes for his updates, from now on, update pages will link to those patch notes and additional notes and comments will be written on the pages. This means we will no longer copy and paste notes from In the case where patch notes get deleted from, TWEM will keep backups.

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