"An upgraded suspended in mid-air that upgrades ores by 70% up to $1Qn. Did we mention it floats?!"


The Suspended Refiner is a Legendary-tier upgrader. It's the first limit upgrader that costs more than 25Qn (first rebirth price). It can also upgrade ores by a decent amount, but it also uses a little more space and has regular conveyor speed.


  • During the Gun/GUI Update on 11/05/2015, Berezaa lowered its tier from Divine-tier to Legendary-tier.
  • On 12/13/15, Berezaa added an item based on the Suspended Refiner's design called Suspended Lava Refiner that has two lava stacks to upgrade ore.
  • In the item description, the word upgrader is misspelled.
  • Although the green beam of the upgrader does not cover the entire conveyor, even the smallest ores are not able to get through it without being upgraded.