"The sweetest furnace in Miner's Haven! 2016 Holiday Collectible."


The Sweet Tooth is a Collectible-tier furnace that can be purchased from Headless Santa. Its appearance is a chocolate-themed landscape, completed with a goblet pouring chocolate into the furnace section and a tree with a cherry on top. Sweet Tooth appears to follow the trend of tree furnaces. It processes ore at 25x value with no other effects. It was aimed towards newer players as a replacement for the Diamond Falls until December was over. Unless you were collecting this item, it was not worth the price if you are at a high life.


  • Headless Santa first started selling this on 12/27/16.
  • When ore is being processed, the ore's color has a chance to turn either red or white.
  • This item's multiplier was buffed on the update on 1/1/2017, from x20 to x25.
  • The multiplier is equal to Solar Flare at day time, a Reborn furnace.
  • Despite the furnace displaying 6 RP when you meet the requirement of 80 ores, it would say that you have received 12 player points.