"Those who worship the Sword God find themselves surviving many battles."


The Sword God Shrine is a Collectible-tier sword stand that gives you Darkhearts. This was added on November 12th, 2015 along with Dark Magic. Like all melee weapons, it gives a burst of speed to the user. The only sword that gives more speed than the Darkheart is the Illumina. When players have this equipped, they gain 9 speed and +30 max HP.

Sword God Shrine used to be a life 20+ Reborn item making it the second Reborn that was not a dropper, upgrader, or furnace, the first being Righteous Will. This could no longer be obtained through Rebirth starting on March 31st 2016. It was made Collectible-tier along with several other weapon dispensers.

As of the Summer Update Patch 1.5 on May 30th 2017, the Darkheart had become usable again in Miners Haven, although the Sword God Shrine itself is still unobtainable. Its critical hit effect of draining a percentage of the opponent's health and healing the user is also included in-game, of which will also turn the opponent's body parts black.


  • The Darkheart is one of the original swords in SFotH (Sword Fights on the Heights).
  • Berezaa said that he will add this back into MH but it's to be expected when it will be added.
  • When the Darkheart turns body parts black, the jumpscare sound file from Five Nights at Freddy's 3 will play.

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