"Although the spirit of the once mighty Sword Master, their spirit lives on."


The Sword Master's Spirit is a Vintage-tier furnace that was released on August 7th, 2016. It was first unveiled on Berezaa's Twitter and on his website. This furnace is a compensation for users that purchased the Sword Master's Gamepass since lethals were removed from Miner's Haven. It processes ores by 75x their value with no restrictions or effects.

The Sword Master Game Pass is not currently available to be bought. During Black Friday 2016, for one minute, the Sword Master was made available for R$1000. Since some people still have it, they were awarded this. On Black Friday 2017 , the Sword Master gamepass made a return for 10 minute at the price of R$899.


  • This is the third game pass exclusive item. The first two are Executive Pillars and Executive Infuser from the Executive Pass.
  • The Sword Master's Spirit has a similar design to the Excalibur, bearing the resemblance with a sword in the center of the furnace.