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The Symcorpium Mine is an upcoming Fusion-tier dropper that will be released in the Alien Invasion Update.

Possible Effects

  • This could be a fireproof Scorpium Mine that increases its orevalue the longer it's placed on the base. However, taking a trait from the Symmetrium, only one ore can be present per mine (unless you use the Ore Replicator).


The Symcorpium Mine inherits traits from both scary-looking mines (and somehow made them scarier).

From the Scorpium Mine comes the Scorpion structure.

From the Symmetrium Mine comes the "eye" on the dropper head, as well as the cracked code panel, which is now located at the back instead of the front.


  • The name "Symcorpium" came from berezaa using a word portmanteau website.

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