"Unlocked version of Symmetrium that can produce many ores at once. Will break if more than one is placed down. Ores stop being upgraded if they lose their fire."


The Symmetryte Mine is the Evolved Reborn variant of the Symmetrium Mine, released on the 19th September 2017 Resurrection Update. It was first revealed during Berezaa's YouTube Stream on August 23rd, 2017.

It has a larger size than its predecessor, but also has increased initial ore value, starting at $100M to $50B instead of the original $10M to $10B. Also, unlike its predecessor, only one Symmetryte Mine can be placed that will drop ore. The Symmetryte Mine has one disadvantage over Symmetrium Mine which is not being able to reach cells from the far side.


The Symmetryte Mine has giant wings and the tubes on the top of it have been moved to the sides of the dropper's spout. The area of ice behind the dropper has enlarged and the screen of the front of it is now blank and the switch has been moved from the side of the screen to in front of the screen along with a new second switch and a keyboard.


  • Unlike its counterparts, its flame particle is oriented at one side, meaning it stays at the direction of that side, compared to its counterparts being actual particles.
  • Back when the item was released, only the wings changed color based off your base color. Now the recolor includes the base.