"Donates 99% of your ore's value to John Cena. Probobly the worst item in the game."


THE UNDERTAKER is a Contraband-tier cell furnace that is sometimes sold by the Masked Man. It processes ore by 1.00% (0.01x Multiplier) its value and only accepts ore from one side. It was first unveiled on Berezaa's twitter and on his website. Similar to the Volcango and the Blind Justice, it seems to accept all ores.


  • This item is based on the meme of the WWE wrestler, John Cena.
  • This is the worst cell furnace (and worst furnace in general) in the whole game, as you only get 1.00% of the ores' value. THE UNDERTAKER is one of the five furnaces that's weaker than the Basic Furnace. (Basic Research Center, Proficient Research Center, Quantum Research Center, and the Kappa Investor without any ores processed)
  • People usually only buy this for either decoration, collecting, or making satirical jokes (or with no knowledge of the furnace's uselessness).
    • Many unwary players have purchased THE UNDERTAKER, not knowing its uselessness. DO NOT make this mistake.
  • This is the only item with a name that is entirely composed of capital letters only.
  • The item that drops the lowest value ore accepted by this furnace is the Platinum Mine.
  • There is a typo in this item's description: it says "Probobly the worst item..." when the correct spelling is "Probably the worst item..."
    • This continues the trend in which Berezaa misspells the word "probably".
  • As of the 2017 Ressurection update, THE UNDERTAKER now donates 50% more money to John Cena.
    • THE UNDERTAKER now donates 99% as of the Ressurection update,.