"A more advanced and compact version of the Tesla Resetter which also amplifies an upgrade based on the amount of tags it removes."


The Tesla Refuter is a Evolved Reborn item of the Tesla Resetter released in the 100 Million Visits Event.

Not only does it remove all machine tags from the ores, but before it removes the tags, it multiplies the ores based on how many machine tags there are within that one ore. It does not seem to upgrade ores with little upgrade tags. Also, ores with many upgrader tags also don't receive an upgrade.

Despite berezaa's claims of fixing this item, it is still broken. Unupgraded ores (unaffected by ores starting upgrade counter) are multiplied by x0, and ores upgraded at least once will be multiplied by x1. Because of this, this item's only use is to be a more compact Tesla Resetter.


The Tesla Refuter is much smaller than Tesla Resetter. There are six of lightning shapes on the base. The upgrader beam is electricity rather than a single part. The color is gray and light yellow while Tesla Resetter is dark yellow.


  • The conveyor used in this upgrader isn't an MH conveyor in the typical sense, because it actually has tweaks added onto it.
  • On a recent stream berezaa claimed that he fixed the broken multiplier. This was not the case.
  • When ores go through the Tesla Refuter without any tags it will be x0.