"An amazing machine that removes all status effects such as Radioactive and Flaming from an ore and removes all tags, allowing it to go through limiting machines again. Can only be used once."


The Tesla Resetter is a Reborn-tier item. It removes all effects and tags from ores. This allows ore to go through the same upgraders all over again making ores even more valuable.

The Tesla Resetter can only be used once (you can not use a second Tesla Resetter to remove the tag effect of using the first Tesla Resetter). You are able to get this starting at your 5th life (Genesis).


  • Its name comes from Nikola Tesla, known for inventing alternating current and the tesla coil, two of which are present on the machine.
  • The Tesla Resetter's hitbox used to be broken, requiring a Conveyor Ramp to reach it. This has since been fixed.
  • Although it removes all tags and effects, ores upgraded then passed through the Tesla cannot be processed by a Cell Furnace (It doesn't change the fact that the ore has been upgraded in the past).
  • The tags and status the Tesla Resetter removes include fire, radioactivity, azure flame, sparkles, decals, meshes, upgrades, and the Ore Tracker's tag.
  • The Tesla Resetter cannot remove the Chemical Refiner's poison status.
  • The Tesla Resetter will remove the Ore Illuminator's upgrading tag rather than destroy the ore
  • The Tesla Resetter is tied with the Ore Magnifier for the fifth largest upgrader. Its more powerful variant, The Ultimate Sacrifice, is the largest.
  • This upgrader is heavily used in end-game setups or loops, as its effects allow ores to be upgraded much more.
  • The only other upgrader able to perform this effect is The Ultimate Sacrifice and The Final Upgrader. The Tesla Resetter cannot reset the status of being upgraded by the Ultimate sacrifice or the Final Upgrader however, and vice versa.
  • The Ore Negator can only be used once even with a Tesla Resetter and is the only item in the game to do so.