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Arena-Round 2

Guide:Each player has 200,000$. They can buy items to add to their decks with this money


Basic-Noob items with no great stats. Low price (50)

Basic Board Cards:

Basic Furnace- Hp 2 atk 1 Ability: Add a fifth of the item's stats who first attacked this to this item - 50$

Basic iron mine -HP 1 atk 1 Ability:Gain +1 +1 for each turn. Add these stats after every 3 turns. -50

Basic Conveyor: Hp 5 atk 0 Ability: Heal other basic items by 1 each turn. If they are at full hp, give them a bonus hp. - 50

Common-Items that still don't have great stats but are better than basic items

Gold mine-Hp 5 Atk 5 Ability: Have a 25% chance to give ore limit to its attacker for 1 turn.-100

Crystal mine-hp 8 atk 4 Haste: Double damage dealt to the first item it attacks-150

Uncommon-Decent items that have OK effects(150-200)

Uncommon Board Cards:

Uranium Mine-Hp 10 Atk 8 Ability:Give RP to its attacker. Rebirth:Give +5 +5 to Plutonium mine-150

Plutonium mine-Hp 15 Atk 8 Ability:Give Rp to its attacker. Heal itself and Uranium mine by 1 each turn. Add a bonus

hp if at full.-200

Diamond Mine-hp 20 atk 2. Ability:Gain +1 attack for each enemy destroyed.-150

Uncommon Spell cards:

Ore cannon:Put an item back into it's owner's deck. -150

Plasma Iron Polisher: Give +2 +2 to an item -150

Rusty wall: Take 5 damage for an item (150)

Rare-Good items that have decent abilities.200-500

Osmium Mine-Hp 20 Atk 10. Ability: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy each turn-200

Bismuth Mine-HP 15 Atk 11 Ability: Remove all negative effects from this item and heal it by 5 hp every third turn. (400)

Opal Mine-hp 20 atk 10. Ability: Silence an enemy card. (400)

Rare spell cards

Ore Replicator: Copy a card.(500)

Advanced Ore scanner: Give +4 hp to a card (250)

Digital Ore cleaner: Give +4 atk to a card (250)

Heavenly Forge: Send off one of your items to be forged for 3 turns. It will come back with +4 +4 (300)

Potted plant: "Smells Nice" Makes enemy cards miss with a 25% chance for 3 turns (200)

Ultra Rare cards-Quite good items with good abilites (500-1000)

Schrodinger elevator hp x atk x Ability: Consume the item that first attacks this, stealing all of its stats and abilites. (800)

Flaming Refiner (Or whatever) Atk 10 hp 20 Ability: Give RP to a random enemy item. Has a 25% chance of exploding each turn, which will damage all enemies by 2. (1000)

Spell cards

Radioactive Refiner: Give an item the ability to inflict RP. If used on Uranium mine or plutonium mine give +10 +10 to them. (600)

Freon-Blast upgrader: Remove all negative effects from a card. (1000)

Satellite beam: Carefully refuses an item for 3 turns. It'll come back with +6 +6 (800)

Vintage cards-Very rare items with very good abilites. (10,000-50,000)

Ol'Faithful-Hp 10 atk 10-Ability: Double it's attack and hp every 3 turns. (20,000)

Noobite mine: hp 25 atk 18-Ability: For every card this kills it can attack again in the same turn. (50,000)

Boomite mine-hp 30 atk 20 -Ability:Has a 50% chance to self-destruct every turn, dealing 10 damage to ALL CARDS. (10,000)

Vintage spell cards

The 2nd Amendment-Deal 20 damage split among enemy cards (20,000)

Adowable Guardian:Protect an item with this. Any items attacking the item protected by this suffer 5 bonus damage (30,000)

Sword Master's spirit-SLICE AN ITEM INTO TINY LITTLE SHREDS (turn an item into dust) (50,000)

Ore Quesar-Destroy two random cards. (50,000)

Exotic-Very rare and very good items. Cream of the crop. (50,000-100,000)

Spookmaster-5000 Hp 50 atk 30 Ability: Deal 10 damage to a random enemy item each time this attacks. (70,000)

Wubium mine: HP 88 atk 4 Ability:Give +3 +3 to ally items each turn. (80,000)

Hades fang HP x Atk x. Ability: Consume an item, double its stats, and take its ultimate ability and bend it to help itself. (100,000)

Spell cards

Haunted Infuser:Increase an items attack by 10 but set its hp to 2. (50,000)

REBIRTH items-Extremely rare items obtained by winning a game. Cannot be bought.

Ore illuminator:

Admin/GOD items

Winner's trophy: HP 100 ATK 100. "What we're fighting for" Obtained by winning. Ability:Immune to 1 hit kos.

Misc items:

Dust: 0 atk 0 hp. Ability:Decrease stats of the next item placed here by -10 -10 every turn. (Created by sword statue)

ULTIMATE POWER (spell card): turn a card into it's ultimate verision

Ultimate cards

ULTIMATE IRON MINE: 9999 atk 0.0000001 hp. Ability:Cannot attack. "DEARGODWHY"

ULTIMATE URANIUM MINE: 50 ATK 20 HP Ability: Heal itself by 10 each turn

ULTIMATE PLUTONIUM MINE 60 ATK 25 hp Ability:Heal itself by 10 each turn. Add on bonus hp. Ability: (If uranium mine is on the field) Give +10 +10 to itself and Uranium mine each turn.

ULTIMATE WALL Protect an item from all damage for 3 turns.

ULTIMATE SWORD: Kill the enemy.

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