"A massive hammer that will make your enemies rethink their life."


The Banhammer is a Melee Weapon item, released in the Summer Update 2017. It was first revealed on Berezaa's Twitch on May 25th, 2017 where he mentions Banhammers would have knockback. In one of berezaa's blog posts, it was revealed that it would be a Vintage item obtainable in boxes.


  • The catalog's description for the Banhammer is "For mods favored by Telamon." Telamon is a very old nickname for long time ROBLOX admin Shedletsky who used to worked for ROBLOX full time but currently only does so part time.
  • In ROBLOX lore, The Banhammer is portrayed as a weapon to be used by an admin to whack players that are intended to be banned and usually portrayed with powerful knockback.
  • This will be the first weapon since The Second Amendment to be Vintage-tier.
  • During initial release, melee weapons were not working due to misplaced animations. Fixed as 29/05/2017.
  • Upon hitting an opponent, the Banhammer makes a sound that says "You have been banned".
  • When this item was added to the game, players could receive this hammer using the code "getbanned" to see what it's like at firsthand.
  • Upon placing this item in-game, if you look from the bottom the item is floating. This is a result of the hitbox being too low.
  • Since the weapon was buffed in the Menu Refresh Update (04/28/2018), The Banhammer now kills people instantly without them having a health boost.