"Submits ores into a black hole to be turned into pure energy. Gives 25x the value of the ore but costs 1 Research Point for every 30 seconds the black hole is open."


The Black Hole is a Legendary-tier furnace. It is currently the only furnace that damages a player's health within range.


  • The Black Hole is the background image used in the Shout Colorizer Gamepass.
  • It was the second Almighty-tier item that was added. However, in the Gun/GUI update, it was reconfigured to the Legendary-tier (The Almighty-tier was removed).
  • This furnace takes away 120 research points per hour.
  • It was the most expensive shop furnace (excluding cell furnaces) until the Fusion Reactor was added.
  • Ores launched into the Black Hole by an Ore Cannon does not actually process the ore, although it says it 'submits ore into a Black Hole'.
  • This can be used as a trap (albeit ineffective) since the black hole part of the item will delete players' limbs upon touch.
  • The black hole is the same shape as the back of the Newtonium Mine's spout.
  • This is one of 2 furnaces that take away RP, the other being Dreamer's Fright.

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