Hiding in the midst of the islands is the Crate Merchant, giving out free boxes everyday to players.*


The Crate Merchant, sometimes referred to as Spook McDooks, is a newly introduced NPC in the Summer Update. Clicking on him will award the player one of seven Mystery Boxes (Regular, Unreal, Inferno, Red-Banded, Spectral, Luxury, or Magnificent). He could even award more than one of a certain box at once (after the Magic Clover Event). The Crate Dealer can only award one crate a day and trying to get more than one will trigger a random dialogue (refer to the infobox).

What the Crate Merchant gives you can be influenced by your Daily Gift streak. An ongoing streak of a month will increase your chance of getting up to 5 Regular Boxes at once, while a 2-month ongoing Daily Gift streak will increase your chances to get a Magnificent Box.

The Crate Merchant is found inside a Tunnel under the Map, accessible through a hole in the ceiling that's close to the Invisibility Cape.

Dialogue Highlights

  • The phrase "you're gonna get us popped" is a reference to the idea that giving mystery boxes to players is illegal and that the hidden NPC is risking getting caught.
  • The phrase "ya like jazz? no? go away then" is a reference to the popular line and meme "Ya like jazz?" in The Bee Movie.
  • The phrases "box machine broke" and "understandable have a good day" are references to the "Food machine broke / Understandable have a good day" memes.
  • The phrase "Error 404 box not found" is a nod to the actual HTTP 404 error message, which indicates that the target client does not exist.
  • The "be gone" phrase may mention a non-ROBLOX appropriate meme.
  • The "cant you dont" phrase is a reference towards a meme that spread towards discord.


  • It was once possible to get two boxes instead of one, by clicking on him quickly enough or by using an auto clicking software like Fast Clicker.
  • This is the first time a 3D model of Mystery Boxes have been seen in Miner's Haven.
    • They however sport older likelinesses of the Mystery Boxes.
  • The Crate Dealer's Model Name is Spook McDooks, OutOfOrderFoxy even shouts out the Miner's Haven wikia for having this information on June 9th (despite that he incorrectly refer to the Miner's Haven Wikia as a whole as forums).
  • As of the Menu Refresh Update (04/28/2018), a Mysterious Teleporter now sits by The Crate Merchant. There are no fees for usage, however it will still teleport you off the map on a weekday.