"A mystical furnace that is charged by sparkling ore. Beams of light begin to appear as it is charged which can upgrade ore."


The Dreamcatcher is a Vintage-tier furnace that acts similar to a lesser version of the Northern Lights, as it uses sparkling ore instead of sparkling coal ore and has a function of using them to 'power' the furnace. As the Dreamcatcher processes sparkling ores with an upgrade, using Gamblers upgraders (Gate of Eclipses, Schrodinger Evaluators, etc.) are recommended to maximize the advantages posed by this item, as they induce ores with sparkles. It was added to the game on March 31, 2017, in the Skipped Life Update. Its base furnace multiplier (for ores that aren't sparkly) is only 5x if it is not charged with sparkly ores.


  • This is based on the theme of Dreamcatcher which popped around the MHCI discord at the time.
  • Some people may consider it a Dreamers item, as it has trees and the word "dream" in its name, similar to the other Dreamers items.
  • The Dreamcatcher was used as the game's thumbnail when the Skipped Life Update was released on 03/31/2017.
  • The Dreamcatcher is one of the few items that have the unique ability to upgrade ores in addition to their main purpose. Another item with this special ability is the Spooklord-95,000 (which occasionally summons ghosts that upgrade ores upon touch, including its own).
  • The Dreamcatcher is one of the 8 items that can give sparkles to ore, with the other 7 being Schrodinger Evaluator, Flaming Schrodinger Evaluator, Gate of Eclipse, Aether Schrodinger, Frozen Eclipse, Super Schrodinger and Final Eclipse Gate.
  • This has a similar name to The Dream-Maker.
  • This furnace/upgrader makes use in some Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis setups, as they use the beams to get sparkling coal.