"A mysterious tear in the earth that appears to function like a cell furnace. Gives crazy returns on unupgraded ore."


The Fracture is a Reborn-tier item that was released on April 24th, 2016 and was first revealed on Berezaa's Twitter account. The Fracture can be received by players on life 35 or higher. In terms of the value of ore returned, the Thingamajig is better than The Fracture when orevalue is more than 5.3B (5,332,006,004). Otherwise, The Fracture is better. A popular setup is to use a Yunium Mine on The Fracture, which will have better results than a Thingamajig. Nevertheless, many people prefer to use the Thingamajig over The Fracture regardless of the money returned from ores, this is due to The Fracture being designed in a way where some ores may miss as well as being very large (using an Ore Cannon is arguably better than trying to drop ore directly into the Furnace).