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The artifact infobox is on the page Storage Conveyor and would be used on other artifact pages if users like it. You have a week to vote, here's what the infobox contains:

  • a background image of a black friday mob and some memes
  • a ROBLOX card serving as the background for the title
  • a dollar bill infobox border
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TheWikiaEditMachine is working on seasonal infoboxes including a winter infobox to be released at the same time as the Miner's Haven winter event.

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A - F

Arcane Adventures, Apocalypse Rising, Azure Mines, Base Wars, Blox Cards, Boss Fighting Stages Rebirth, Build A Boat For Treasure, City!, Eclipsis, Elemental Battlegrounds,

G - L

In Plain Sight, Jailbreak, Lumber Tycoon 2

M - R

Mad Studio, Medieval Warfare: Reforged, Miner's Haven, Monster Islands, Murder Mystery 2, Phantom Forces, Project: Pokemon, Pokémon Brick Bronze, Polyguns, Reason 2 Die: Awakening

S - Z

Strife!, Theme Park Tycoon 2, Vehicle Simulator, Windows Error Simulator


  • This is a template with a list of several different wikias relating to ROBLOX games. It was first created by Ender01, a contributor to the Lumber Tycoon 2 wikia, on September 19th, 2016 and has been edited occasionally by TheWikiaEditMachine, and many other editors.

How to add this template onto your wikia

(this is for if you have content mod, admin and or rank(s) above OR if the home page is available for anyone to edit)

Using the current wikia editor

  • Go to the home page and click "edit" and go into the source editor by clicking the menu button right next to the "cancel" button and then click "Source Editor" and paste the following code wherever you desire:
  • now click "apply changes" and then click "publish" and enjoy!

Using wikia's classic editor

  • Access the classic editor by clicking the arrow next to the "edit" button and clicking "classic editor"
  • now switch to the source editor by clicking the "source editor" tab next to the visual editor tab"
  • now paste the follow code wherever you desire:
  • Now click "publish" and enjoy!

How to Link your wikia onto this template

  • We want to keep this template in alphabetical order. Find the appropriate section for the link based off the first letter of the wikia's game name (ex: Miner's Haven, M). Now find where in that section it belongs by comparing the second or even third letters of the game's name (3rd in case there are games with the same first two letters)
  • Now type the link with the following syntax (no spaces except in between style=" and ")
[[w:c:[WIKIA DOMAIN NAME HERE, the part of the wikia's url before]|<span style="color:#f0918c;">wikia game's name here</span>]],
  • Now click "edit", place the link in the position you found earlier. Now click "publish" and enjoy!

History of the Template

The original version of the template can be viewed here. Ender created the template with a wikia table template structure (without the cells) with a few wikias and dots to divide each wikia link. Soon, Programming Universe did some edits and then TheWikiaEditMachine foudn the template and changed it to a more standard HTML structure and added an about section which was later removed by Ender01, TWEM soon let go of the idea too. In October, TWEM wanted to change it to have more a material design looks and by giving it a shadow and a translucent black background. Soon after that, TWEM wanted changed it to have a read background and tweaked the header to give it a shadow and the ROBLOX Icon on the right with a link to the ROBLOX wikia. In January 2017, soon after ROBLOX changed their logo, TWEM changed the icon on the template. Some tweaks were from then until July 30th 2017 when TWEM thought it needed a makeover, that was also the date this text was first written.

TWEM added a header image "ROBLOX, Powering Imagination" and removed the shadow and also restructured the template. TWEM created a flex box with five sections and divided the links in alphabetical order. TWEM thought of going with an actual table structure but thought it would be too confusing for others to edit. TWEM wanted the code for the template to be clean making it easy to edit.

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Miner's Haven is a game created by Berezaa Games (released out of beta on June 12, 2015) where you use a variety of droppers, upgraders & furnaces to make the most money possible. You can also buy items from the shop to make your base look better and to enhance gameplay. If you have any useful information then feel free to contribute to this wiki. If you are a novice in need of help, check out all the pages on the wiki. Have fun!

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