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The Miner's Haven Resurrection Update is an update that was released on September 19th, 2017. The update introduces Evolved Reborns and Luxuries, as well as adding a few new items.



  • The DuckTales ROBLOX Event has come to Miner's Haven!
    • Reach $1M for a special prize!
  • The map has been changed, this time the map centers around exploration and discovery
  • New GUI by Berezaa, made to support the new Miner's Haven features and to reduce clutter on the screen for screenshots
    • Main GUI disappears when you leave your base
    • Only shows cash and base options (bound to E (Inventory), F (Shop), or C (Settings))
    • RP and uC moved to base options screens
  • Settings now bound to 'C'
  • New music to accompany day and night sequences
    • Now with a smooth transition from day to night, and night to day with their own sound effects
  • Very dark night mode returns, now almost impossible to see without a light source
    • Flashlight is buffed with wider range and brighter light
  • The Ice Cream Man departs, the Masked Man returns
  • Item hitboxes now light up, making them easier to see at night
  • Save slots are added, save up to three different game sessions
  • Global and Local Radio has been removed
    • Now replaced by the "Base Radio" gamepass, starting at R$200
  • New currency: Megaphones
  • New global leaderboards
  • Returning tier: Almighty
  • Some shop items have been downgraded in tier and had their prices changed


  • Chat is now using ROBLOX's standard chat instead of the custom chat
    • /e dance, /e cheer, etc. now work properly
    • Mobile users can now talk again
  • Miner's Haven Submitters now get their own prefix: [Builder]
  • Chat prefixes are no longer abbreviated
  • SHOUTS: No longer uses uC for shouts, instead uses Megaphones
    • Shouts that get filtered by Roblox are not sent

Multiplayer Co-Op

  • Give base permissions for players on the server, allowing them to buy, sell, and/or place items on your base
  • You can buy uC for others when you're at their base with a permission
  • Reward for helping players on their first rebirth

Mystery Boxes

  • Mystery Box design has been overhauled, with simplistic designs
  • New Red-Banded and Spectral Mystery Boxes
  • Now takes less time to open a box and get an item.
  • Inferno Boxes are no longer rigged

Luxury Items

Evolved Reborns


  • You can now favorite items with RMOUSE to have them appear at the very top of the inventory screen
  • The five most recently obtained items will appear at the top of the inventory screen (below favorites)
  • Inventory made to fit every item that you own (previously it can only fit 200 items)


Placing System

  • Added: Move feature (also works with multiple items)
  • Inventory stays open while in placing (PC players only)
  • You can switch to your next item on the spot with exclusive keybinds
  • Added: Drag-to-Place (not available on Mobile)




  • Added: Research Points Trophy, the long-anticipated Addicted Miners prize
  • Added: RBXDev Statue, an exclusive item for ROBLOX Developers
  • Three new badges: Evolved, Passer of Knowledge, Millions O' Dollars!


  • The placing system was very jittery, often skipping unit squares and place items inaccurately. Items can also be placed outside the baseplate.
  • The Lucky Clover / Twitch Coin toggle for Mystery Boxes are nowhere to be seen.
    • The Lucky Clover and Twitch Coin counters are not visible as well.
  • Hitboxes were sometimes unresponsive, requiring the player to reset.
  • Sometimes the item header for hitboxes won't properly show up.
  • The Mystery Boxes would play the wrong fanfare sound (the exotic fanfare plays when unboxing a vintage).
    • Contraband-exclusive highlights are nowhere to be seen.
  • No item preview cards show up on Mobile.
  • The exact amount of items you have doesn't pop up in the inventory screen.
  • The Masked Man cannot be interacted with.


  • Due to the lack of updates, the number of concurrent players on Miner's Haven dropped dramatically, the majority of players being experienced veterans. Hence the name, "Resurrection Update".
  • The Resurrection Update was the main project of Berezaa's term as a ROBLOX Accelerator. Alongside the project were plans to update Azure Mines, remaster 2-Player Gun Factory Tycoon, and bring back War Games (these three are Berezaa's other games).
  • The original scheduled date for Resurrection was on September 30th, but because of the DuckTales Sponsored Event, Berezaa had to force the release date to September 19th; reason why the update felt a bit rushed.
  • The Daily Gift feature was nowhere to be found when the update was released. It was restored at 9/30/2017.