Second Sac

The placeholder screen for the Second Sacrifice before it is released

The Second Sacrifice is a feature currently available that was released with Part 2 of the 2017 Summer Update. Performing the Second Sacrifice gives you the Hero badge.

The Second Sacrifice is available to perform at life s-1000+. With the First Sacrifice, you will lose all your items, starting off with nothing but some Basic Iron Mines, a Basic Furnace, Basic Conveyors, and certain upgraders and soulbound items. But unlike the First Sacrifice, you start off with just the same inventory you had when starting Miner's Haven, and the Sacrifice's upgrader, The Final Upgrader, will not be obtained until S+10. When performing the Second Sacrifice, the Ultimate Sacrifice upgrader is DESTROYED, its remains reconstructed to form the Statue of Sacrifice.

The life requirement to regain your limited items has remained at S+100. All Reborn Fusions obtained in the first Sacrifice will be lost, and you will lose the Ultimate Sacrifice upgrader. Reborn Fusions will be obtainable after performing the Second Sacrifice, but there will not be any fusions exclusive to performing this. Just like the First Sacrifice, non-limited Vintages will not be given back.