"The mistakes we made, the people we lost. We will use that pain to our advantage. Requires very expensive ore to unlock its true potential." (CURRENT DESCRIPTION)"
"The mistakes we made, the people we lost. We will use that pain to our advantage. (OLD DESCRIPTION)


The Sunken Past is a Vintage-tier furnace. It was added on March 11, 2016. It processes ore as a better version of Dreamer's Might.

As of October 14, 2016, The Sunken Past has taken on an inconsistent ore multiplier, usually processing at around x20 to x30. Berezaa has stated in a stream that he has not so much as touched the Sunken Past since its release. Previously, it processed ores at x50.

After the Easter Update on 04/15/2017, the Sunken Past now processes all ores, but ores under $50B are processed with a multiplier between x3 to x8.


  • The Sunken Past is one of eight known items that have their own unique sound effect when an ore is processed. The others are the Sage Redeemer, The Fracture, Thingamajig, Excalibur, Pirate's Loot Collector, Birthday Cake, and the Dark Magic.
  • In Update 2.1.6, the hitbox for the item was very buggy, which allowed players to clip the Sunken Past inside of upgraders and conveyors.
  • The Sunken Past was the most powerful furnace in Miner's Haven until it was overthrown by Excalibur. Then it was the most powerful regular functioning in Miner's Haven until it was overthrown by furnaces such as Aether Refiner and Volcango.
  • Before the Easter Update on 4/15/17, if the ore was not worth over $10B and is placed in this, it used to show a red "X" rather than $0. After the Easter update, this was changed, and as such no longer denies ores.
  • In the Halloween 2016 event, an item called Flying Dutchman was released, it was based on The Sunken Past.
  • The original model of this item had flags with the submission author's face on them, as well as a ship name on the side.
  • The Sunken Past is shown on the Miner's Haven game badge "Detective".

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