• I was updating the Spawn Beacon page when i noticed the Infobox had a completely duplicate thing.

    I went to edit it.

    I fixed it and added the item size.


    It ends up in TWO spaces, and under Weapn info.


    Just saying, the infoboxes are full of duplicate tables and random stuffthat you put it in once and it comes out in like 5 different spaces.

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    • Can you give a screenshot about this infobox problem? If you use windows look up Snipping tool on your PC. 

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    • Ok wiki. one sec


      Ok i went through and spotted all the things that ended in two completely odd places and all that good stuff.

      in this one, Effects comes up twitch while filling in only once.


      The Item Size aprears in two places and under "Sotre Information (previously)" What?


      in this, the Tier option appears twice.


      in this one, Source appears twice.

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