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"A conveyor which opens and closes to allow or block ore within a set time interval."


The Timed Ore Gate is an upcoming shop item coming in the Alien invasion Update. An upgrade to the Ore Gate supposedly, it is a piece of conveyor with a lowering bar and a customizable timer (in seconds). The number in the textbox on the side of the gate is the time in seconds that the bar will be lowered and ranges from 2 seconds to 2 minutes. Upon initial placement, the Timed Ore Gate will open and close every 1 second instead of the 3 seconds its initial placement state says.


  • The Tix from the Ore Tixicator can go under the bar of the Timed Ore Gate.
  • This initially had the thumbnail of the Ion Field, another new item in the Alien Invasion update.
  • Because of its ability to group up ores together, it would be a good idea to use this item alongside a Rush Upgrader. An Ore Gate can also be used instead if one wishes to manually open and close the gate.
  • This item is good to use with the Ore Illuminator.

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