"A half-sized conveyor used for high-leveled miners to better channel their ore."


The Tiny Conveyor is a Rare-tier conveyor that is one of the few tiniest items in Miner's Haven. It is, however, the smallest conveyor, which is why it is useful for making setups very customized to your liking. It is useful for advanced setups and arrangements, such as centering ore for fine-point upgraders such as Clockwork, Dual Channel Arrangements which is an Upgrader Compacting Method, and aligning ore in a way to avoid clogging on Large Conveyor Ramps and to make ore easier to get upgraded by a Portable Ore Stopper. It's half of the size of the Half Conveyor, making the Half Conveyor slightly pointless but half as much placing.


  • Oddly enough, the description of this conveyor is exactly the same as the one for the Half Conveyor.
  • This item can easily replace the Half Conveyor. It's much more convenient, too, with its price being millions rather than quintillions, which the Half Conveyor is bought for.
  • Despite their flexibility in making setups, ores might get stuck between Tiny Conveyors due to the presence of thin beams on their sides, which makes the Half Conveyor not completely useless.
  • To make the description true, it should say "A quarter-sized conveyor used for high-leveled miners to better channel their ore" instead of the one that's being using now.

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