"A fairly small Iron Mine. Produces fairly valuable ore for its pathtic size. Found in the 2016 Giant Crate Black Friday artifact."


The 'Tiny' Iron Mine is an Iron Mine variant with an ironic name. It is the largest item in the game, trumping the Gate of Eclipse, Ore Magnifier, the Frozen Justice, Diamond Breech Loader, Final Eclipse Gate and Sage King.

The Tiny Iron Mine produces very large iron ores that are too large to fit inside a cell furnace, despite its compatibility with them.


  • The Tiny Iron Mine is the largest item in the game.
  • The Tiny Iron Mine appears as a dilation of the Basic Iron Mine at a scale factor of 10, with the exception of the ore value.
  • The Tiny Iron Mine is compatible with cell furnaces, but the ore is too big to fit into a typical Cell Furnace. The ore can fit into The Fracture.
  • Due to its size, the Tiny Iron Mine may not appear properly when booting up Miner's Haven.
  • This is the 5th 'troll' item added to the game, after THE UNDERTAKER, the Heavenly Conveyor, the Yuge Furnace, and the Yuge Iron Mine.
  • In the description, the word "pathetic" is spelled wrong; Berezaa misspelled it "pathtic".

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